What to Know About the Google Algorithm Update in 2023

What to Know About the Google Algorithm Update in 2023

It’s estimated that Google products save Canadian workers approximately 300 million hours per year. By far, the most commonly used one is Google’s search engine. Your company’s place on Google rankings can dictate its success.

It’s essential to understand how the Google algorithm functions, and it’s even more important to stay updated on recent changes. We’ve created a brief guide with details on the Google algorithm update in 2023. Let’s explore the information you should know.

What’s New?

In October 2023, Google released a Core Algorithm Update. This marks the third major change it’s made this year, preceded by core updates in March and August.

Its purpose is to improve search quality and minimize the number of poor results, providing a better overall experience. It’s a comprehensive update that affects all content types.

It’s worth noting that this particular update doesn’t penalize low-quality pages. Instead, it rewards high-quality ones.

Why Does It Matter?

This update emphasizes that Google strongly cares about high-quality content. The content your company posts should always be relevant and authoritative. This can substantially improve your website rankings.

Factors that impact user experience are as important as ever. Some of the major ones are page load speed, intuitive navigation, and mobile-friendliness.

Websites with a poor user experience will increase a metric known as your site’s bounce rate. This applies to situations where people immediately leave your site after reaching it.

Businesses should highly emphasize trustworthiness when creating content. Demonstrating credibility and expertise will go a long way toward maximizing the time users spend on your site.

What Now?

Google makes major updates each year, and they’re often similar to this one. Adapt to the 2023 algorithm update so you can continue to meet Google’s standards as time goes on. You can also streamline advertising on Google.

For many businesses, it can be difficult to get started. One of the best ways is by working with a marketing professional. They have the tools and resources to ensure you hit the ground running.

When searching for one to hire, explore their past reputation. This provides valuable insight into what you can expect from them. You should also ensure they frequently work with companies like yours.

For instance, if you own a small business and they typically deal with corporations, they aren’t the right fit. Explore their pricing structure, as well.

The last thing you want is to encounter financial surprises. With enough due diligence, you’ll find the ideal option for your situation.

Understand the Google Algorithm Update in 2023

The tips in this guide will ensure you have a strong understanding of the Google algorithm update in 2023. You can use this information to avoid issues you may have otherwise encountered. From here, your company can exceed its marketing goals.

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