Recap of Google Marketing Live Announcements

Recap of Google Marketing Live Announcements

Google holds over 90% of the search engine market in Canada. Google’s products and services account for 1.1% of Canada’s GDP.

Given Google’s online dominance, it should be a prominent part of your SEO strategies. The latest Google Marketing Live announcements on May 21, 2024 include features to help you boost ROI and increase conversions. Learn more about the new Google announcements and what they mean for you.

Get More Control With Performance Max

Many advertisers use Performance Max to increase conversions. New tools give you more control over your ads. You’ll have better insight into where your ads appear and how well they’re doing.

Improved AI capabilities will help you generate high-quality assets that fit your brand guidelines. You can upload example images as a reference.

Performance Max now features asset-level reporting. You can test and measure whether your Google ads campaign was a deciding factor in customer conversions.

Reach Customers More Effectively With Search

Advancements in AI make ads on Google search do more for your business. Shopping ads will show at the top of some visual search results. Search ads can deliver AI-powered personalized recommendations.

Ads will also be integrated into AI Overviews. Your ads from current AI-powered Search and Performance Max campaigns will appear in a sponsored section when relevant.

Use Demand Gen to Improve Visual Storytelling

Demand Gen campaigns help you maximize your presence on YouTube, Shorts, Discover, and Gmail. You can optimize performance at scale by running your campaigns from the Google Marketing platform.

You can use animated image ads as well as videos on YouTube Shorts. Stickers make Shorts ads more interactive in a natural way. You can promote creator-made videos as ads, reaching new audience segments.

You have more control over where your video assets show.

You can reach more customers similar to your existing ones with the expansion of Lookalike segments. The minimum list size is now 100 users instead of 1,000.

Showcase Your Brand More Effectively for Shoppers

Several new features help you increase ROI and build customer loyalty. You can give your customers a more personalized, high-quality shopping experience.

You can create effective videos and product visuals more easily. Google AI and Product Studio can instantly generate visuals that match your brand. A visual brand profile will appear on Google Search.

New virtual try-on and 3D spin features will give customers more confidence to purchase your products. With Performance Max and Standard Shopping campaigns, you can set special pricing for new customers and rewards members.

Optimize Your App Spend

You can make your apps more shoppable. For example, you can increase conversion rates with Web to App Connect. Ad group feed filtering helps you create more relevant, tailored ads.

You can highlight promotions in your App campaigns. Bid updates can apply automatically based on promotional events.

Put the Google Marketing Live Announcements to Work for You

The latest Google marketing live announcements include many exciting features. New tools will help you drive conversions and build customer loyalty.

The right digital marketing partner will help ensure you get the most from these new capabilities. Bloom Digital Marketing specializes in helping clients get found and grow online. Let us help you optimize Google Marketing for your business.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with Bloom today to learn how we can help you get real ROI from your online marketing.

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