10 SEO Strategies for Videos on YouTube

10 SEO Strategies for Videos on YouTube

Is your YouTube content failing?

It might have something to do with the thousands of hours of videos uploaded daily. It’s hard to stand out, let alone curry favors, with YouTube’s nebulous algorithms.

You need to master YouTube SEO – and that’s why we’re here.

Strategy #1: Know Why YouTube Is Different

YouTube SEO strategies aren’t like other types of search engine optimization.

Most SEO focuses on text content. It’s segmented, full of keywords, and parsable by web crawlers.

YouTube videos aren’t that – they’re visual, aural experiences. What works for email marketing and blogs doesn’t work for YouTube. Instead, focus on:

  • Compelling thumbnails
  • Engaging videos
  • Effective annotations

Strategy #2: See YouTube as a Search Engine

Despite everything, YouTube is a search engine, just in a different light. Think about it; users search for videos for the same reasons they search Google:

  • Interest
  • Answers
  • Entertainment

Treat YouTube as a search engine – and not an extension of social media.

Strategy #3: Use Tags Strategically

Tags work like hashtags.

Add them to videos to help them circulate. Tags inform viewers, but they also tell YouTube what your videos are about.

Use only relevant tags. YouTube penalizes videos for irrelevant information.

Strategy #4: Post Consistently

Success on YouTube equals gaining the favor of the algorithms.

Consistent posting is a good way to do that. Plus, it expands your viewer base over time, making it more likely your content will be recommended.

Strategy #5: Use Eye-Catching Thumbnails

You don’t have to make “that YouTube influencer face.”

However, remember that everybody is looking for their next watch – with dozens of options at their fingertips. Thumbnails need to make an impact, and successful videos use thumbnails like a hook.

They draw viewers in without giving anything away.

Learn what works in your niche.

Strategy #6: Learn From Your Competitors

Your competitors (the ones with more subscribers) probably do many things on this list.

Yet they have their secret sauce. Learn from them and employ their tactics without diluting your brand.

Strategy #7: Work With Marketers

Work with a digital marketing agency to improve your reach and engagement. Agencies are always abreast of the latest YouTube SEO strategies and can find new ways to innovate.

Strategy #8: Use Timestamps

There’s a reason the YouTube videos that top the search engine results pages (SERPs) are divided into chapters: timestamps.

Timestamps do two things.

First, they let your viewers scrub through the timeline to find what they’re looking for. Second, they help Google understand your videos, allowing audiences to jump straight to specific video chapters from a search engine result.

Strategy #9: Add CTAs to Every Video

What good is content without a CTA?

Whether it’s to like, subscribe, or find external links in the description, adding CTAs to every video helps push people deeper into your sales funnel.

Strategy #10: Make Playlists

Playlists are one of the most overlooked YouTube SEO tools.

They set good channels apart.

Organize your channel into playlists. Categorize but don’t bloat. Make it easy for viewers to find what they want.

Master YouTube SEO

Getting YouTube SEO right is tricky – and probably more than your marketing team can handle.

That’s what we’re here for.

Bloom Marketing has been in the search engine game since 2000. We work with clients of all sizes to offer smart solutions to every marketing need. Click here to touch base.

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