Pinterest SEO: Tips for Showing Up in Pinterest Search + Free Tool

Pinterest SEO: Tips for Showing Up in Pinterest Search + Free Tool

Pinterest is a wonderful place to create virtual vision boards where you can find ideas that spark your inspiration. It’s no wonder that Pinterest is the fifth most popular social media channel in Canada – there are around 12.4 users in the country. Pinterest is a great place to increase your brand awareness and help potential customers discover your company.

One of the best ways to increase your organic traffic is with Pinterest SEO. This blog will talk about some of our tips and tricks for becoming more visible on the platform.

What’s Pinterest SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the marketing tactic that increases the visibility of a website on search engine result pages. Most people optimize their website copy for search engines. Pinterest is also considered a search engine.

Many Pinterest users scroll through their home pages for ideas and recipes. However, many people type a short phrase or keyword into the search bar to look for something specific. Pinterest will deliver results to them based on what they searched for.

Pinterest SEO refers to optimizing your pins to increase their visibility on the home page and search results. Inserting the right Pinterest SEO keywords in your pin captions will ensure your content reaches the right people. There are other things to consider when looking into SEO, such as:

  • Advanced features like Rich Pins
  • Audience engagement
  • Image formatting

Use Keywords

As we mentioned, using keywords throughout your pin captions is key to increasing your visibility. You should also place well-researched keywords in your Pinterest business profile. A few tips to keep in mind when crafting your profile include:

  • Using phrases and keywords that are relevant to your business
  • Utilizing the Pinterest SEO tool to find phrases people are searching for
  • Including the main keyword in your username
  • Using the same username throughout your profile

Write Amazing Descriptions

Your pin caption is a great place to insert keywords and use terms that your viewers can relate to. Some of the other things you can include in your pin descriptions are:

  • Product usage or care instructions
  • Links to original content or product

Using terms like “new” in the preview area in your caption can also increase the number of clicks you receive. Keep in mind that even though you have 500 characters to work with for your captions, most users only see the first 50. The start of your caption should entice them to click.

Link and Verify Your Website

Linking and verifying your website is the easiest way to authenticate your business within your Pinterest profile. Claiming your website enables you to access various features and analytics within the platform. You’ll also need to register as a merchant if you plan on selling products.

Work With a Digital Marketing Agency for Pinterest SEO

Creating super-relevant and high-quality pins will set you off on the right foot while improving your Pinterest SEO. Provide your viewers and customers with exceptional content that’ll ensure they click on your pin. Turn casual Pinterest scrollers into long-term customers.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing firm with over two decades worth of experience, look no further than Bloom Digital Marketing. We’re happy to offer our prospective clients free, no-obligation consultations. Contact our office in North Vancouver to schedule a meeting.

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