Get Started with Spotify Advertising!

Get Started with Spotify Advertising!

Did you know that Spotify has 422 million subscribers? Of that number, only 182 million are subscribers. This means that 240 million people have to listen to a Spotify advertisement every few songs.

As the biggest music streaming service in the world, advertising on Spotify is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Because of the relatively low Spotify advertising cost, the benefits are worth it.

But how do you get started? Stick around, and we’ll show you the ins and outs of Spotify advertising.

Advertise with Spotify

To advertise with Spotify, start with signing up for an account and logging in to Spotify Ads studio. 

Then, you’ll choose one of these ad campaigns:

  • A brand, product, or organization
  • An artist’s music that’s already on Spotify
  • That artist’s merch or upcoming tours

This is where you’ll name the campaign, as well. Then Spotify will ask who you’re targeting. Do you want to target male and female listeners? A certain age group? English-speakers? A certain location?

Knowing your audience will inform your decision on format, platforms, schedule, and budget, too. Lastly, Spotify Ads Studio will give you access to data that lets you know how your ads are performing.

Create Your Spotify Advertisement

When scanning your format options, you’ll notice that you can do more than just an audio ad. You’ll be able to create riveting artwork that will accompany the auditory component.

You can even do a video in either a vertical or horizontal format. Spotify recommends all three formats in your ad so that you maximize ROI.

Spotify Advertising Cost

The Spotify advertising cost will depend on how long you schedule your ad and what you budget. At its lowest, it costs $250 to advertise with Spotify. 

Better yet, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Your Spotify advertisement can be completely independent, or you can hand the script over to Spotify. They’ll use their own voice actors and background tracks for free.

The price will also depend on whether you want your Spotify advertisement to be self-service, automated, or a managed service.

Tips for Advertising on Spotify

When you advertise with Spotify, there are a few tricks you can use to get the most out of your time and money.

The first is taking notes on what works and what doesn’t. Maybe your audience doesn’t respond as much to auditory ads, but the videos or images capture their attention.

Then, keep tabs on your click-thru rates, impressions, and conversion data.

The other simple trick is asking your audience about their music tastes. This will help build a buyer persona, and you’ll know which channels to advertise on.

Spotify Advertising

Spotify advertising is one of the most underrated places you can advertise your business. It’s often pushed aside in favor of TikTok, Instagram, or other social media sites.

However, advertising on Spotify is an awesome way to entice your target audience in a way they may not have expected.

Ready to get started? Be sure to check out our full range of services for advertising, SEO, and more. 

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