The Benefits of Advertising on Spotify

The Benefits of Advertising on Spotify

Digital marketing is vitally necessary today in a world where everyone is connected to a device. However, figuring out where to advertise can be frustrating when there are so many options out there.

Many advertisers focus on social media ads (i.e. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Pinterest ads, Twitter ads, etc.). Shopify ads and Google ads are also popular options. And of course, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is the most effective way to reach target audiences.

All of these are great and necessary. But if you aren’t investing in Spotify ads, you’re missing out on a major reach for your business.

There are certain benefits to advertising on the famous music subscription service that you won’t get anywhere else. And here are a few of those benefits.

Spotify Ads Reach A Huge Demographic

Spotify has more than 157 million active users. This is a large demographic which your business can reach through advertising on Spotify.

Spotify’s advertising efforts have increased revenues for the site and its advertisers substantially. Marketing is all for the sake of building your consumer base and increasing revenue. You’ll do both through advertising on Spotify.

Spotify Harnesses The Benefits Of Radio Advertising

Radio advertising has always been recognized for its many benefits. Perhaps the biggest benefit of radio is repeated advertisements. Consumers generally need to see or hear your ad two to three times before they act on it, and with a radio that repetition is affordable.

Spotify has harnessed radio advertising benefits and taken them to a new level. Many listeners flip between stations because they don’t like a song that’s playing or they don’t want to listen to several commercials or excessive chatter. With Spotify, there is a set playlist to the listener’s liking, and they have to listen to limited ads.

Moreover, ads aren’t easy to skip in Spotify. In fact, on the free plan, they can’t skip at all. It’s unlikely they’ll turn off their phones to avoid an ad, so your ad is much more likely to be heard many times, which increases the chances of that listener becoming a customer.

By harnessing radio’s advertising benefits and improving upon them, Spotify is standing out as a great spot to advertise your business. Furthermore, with the music service being so popular, there’s a large number of listeners who could become your newest consumers. If you’re not advertising on Spotify, you are missing out on major business opportunities.

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Investing in Spotify ads will allow your business to grow its consumer base through ads being repeatedly heard by hundreds of millions of listeners. If you aren’t advertising on Spotify, it’s time to get started.

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