AI Generated Content vs Human Written Content

AI Generated Content vs Human Written Content

A total of 25% of Canadians have tried out AI tools like ChatGPT at some point. It’s likely more Canadians will use it with each passing year. After all, ChatGPT achieved 100 million users in just two months’ time.

AI content is already taking the world by storm. It’s dominating social media advertising, search engine marketing, and more. We know AI writing is fast and convincing to the untrained eye, but is it as good as human writing?

AI content will play a role in every digital marketing agency, that much is sure. But the question is how it will work in tandem–or in competition with–human writing. Read on as we discuss this in greater detail.

AI Content vs. Human Writing: What’s the Difference?

For many years, human copywriters have provided blogs and informative articles to their contracted digital marketing firm. Whenever you read text on a website, there’s a good chance that a human wrote it. That is, until now.

Using a prompt, any human–even someone who isn’t a writer–can instruct a computer to write anything. This can be any medium, whether poetry or a long-form opinion column. They can even give specific instructions to regulate length and tone.

Pros and Cons of AI vs. Human Content 

Every digital media agency in the world has leapt at the opportunity to have AI-written content. However, many have quickly realized that the hype overinflated AI’s potential. Human writers still have a role to play here, albeit a diminished one. 

Pros of AI vs Human Content


There are two main areas where AI content excels: speed and cost-efficiency. An LLM like ChatGPT can churn out convincing material in a matter of seconds, hundreds of times faster than a human writer. And unlike a writer, it does so for a fraction of the price.


That said, human content is far superior at the current moment. The writing has real voice, flair, and can dive deep into any subject matter.

Cons of AI and Human Content


Unfortunately, AI writing is very superficial. It cannot tackle topics that go deeper than the surface level. To make matters worse, it has a massive hallucination problem where it creates “facts” out of thin air.


The cons with human writing are simply its cost and speed. Human writers need competitive payments and time to produce their work. 

Which One Is Better for Social Media Advertising?

AI content is in heavy development. While impressive, it simply cannot compete in terms of quality with human writing.

It does, however, excel in rudimentary, surface-level applications. It can produce quick, decent copy for search engine optimization. You wouldn’t go wrong using it to pop out a convincing email template or introductory statement.

However, keep in mind that Google in the past has talked of penalizing AI content. Given how easily one can create spam with AI writing, future penalties are something to keep in mind.


Social media advertising and digital advertising as a whole will never be the same after AI content takes root. That said, this is not a silver bullet that will wipe out the industry of professional writing. AI may be cheaper and faster, but it struggles to remain factual and dig deeper.

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