What You Need to Know About Twitter Advertising

What You Need to Know About Twitter Advertising

Did you know that Twitter has over 436 million monthly active users?

As a business, there are some things that you definitely need to know in terms of Twitter advertising. Whether you are working with a digital media firm or have come up with your own marketing strategy, knowing more about Twitter and its advertising properties can be extremely beneficial for your brand.

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Targeting Options

Just like other forms of social media, if you are trying to optimize your digital marketing efforts, then you are going to want to know your targeting options.

On Twitter, it is similar to creating ads on Facebook and Instagram. You can create advertisements to target specific audiences.

For instance, you can choose to target based on demographics such as age, gender, or location. Or, you can target based on specific keywords, specific accounts, behaviors, and interests of the accounts.

Ad Placement

When you are thinking of your marketing strategy, part of what you consider has to be the ad placement of your marketing ads.

For Twitter, you can place your ads across various locations on the platform. For instance, you could place an add on someone’s timeline, on the search results page, or even on Twitter profiles.

You are in control of where you put the ads based on what you think will perform the best. If you are not sure what to do, a digital marketing agency can help with that.

Budgeting and Bidding Strategies

Whether you are working with a digital marketing firm or on your own, Twitter allows you to set budgeting and bidding strategies to keep you on track with your campaigns.

What does this mean?

You or your digital media agency can set your account up for automatic bidding or manual bidding. For automatic, Twitter optimizes your bids. Manual means that you are setting a max bid for each ad.

What you do is up to you, however, a digital media firm knows what they are doing when it comes to this as this can be quite confusing.

Twitter’s Creative Elements

Just like other platforms, Twitter has creative elements that you should take advantage of. You should include a variety of elements such as photos, videos, GIFs, and other interactive features across your page.

This can help with your overall Twitter engagement.

Use a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Twitter Advertising Needs

If you are in need of help with your Twitter advertising, it’s best to get help from a digital marketing agency.

Otherwise, you are just going to continue to be lost in the sauce! And nothing will get done if you stay in that place.

That is why you should reach out to us to get the marketing strategy help that you need. Here at Bloom Marketing, we offer many services for your advertisement needs. Contact us today so we can discuss.

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