What meta-tags are useless?

Bad & Obsolete Meta-Tags

There are so many meta-tag types out there but many of them are either obsolete or just bad for SEO. Here is a list of tags you can just ignore as they do not hold any SEO value and may in fact hinder Search Engine Optimization efforts altogether.

  • Geo
  • Keywords
  • Refresh
  • Site verification
  • Author / web author
  • Revisit after
  • Ratings
  • Expiration/date
  • Copyright
  • Abstract
  • Distribution
  • Generator
  • Cache-control
  • Resource type

The most important meta-tag for SEO is always the meta-description as it should describe what a webpage is about and convey subject matter relevance. Search engines including Google often use the meta-descriptions as they webpages description in organic search results.

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