Re-boot your SEO using what you already got!

When it comes to SEO, you don’t always need to create fresh new content to boost your rankings in organic search results. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, you can make some smart SEO updates to the pages and content you already have in place but have become stale!  Here are some ideas!

Re-launch your top content:

Your blog may a gold mine of really great content and you probably promoted the heck out of every article on social media at the time. But most people forget about it after that. So go back, look at your top content over the last two to five years, and see what you can relaunch by updating it, while keeping it on the same URL. In some cases, you can see gains of 500% to 1,000% just by relaunching some of your old content with some updates.

This one is easy! Google loves to follow the links on a webpage to find other webpages. This is how spiders operate when indexing your website. We see so many websites with great body content with zero links to other webpages within the same site. So go crazy…and anchor link the keywords within your body content to other pages but don’t go overboard and only link to pages that make sense.

Remove unnecessary pages:

it’s smart to update your site usability from time to time. Go into your website analytics and looks at the pages report for the last 12 months. If there are pages in the top navigation and other key areas, that have generated very few sessions, they likely don’t deserve a top spot with the hierarchy of your website. Consider if you even need the page? Do you need to update the page name to get more eyeballs? Do you demote the page so that it is no longer in the navigation? If you remove the page, remember to go through your website and remove any links to it. Search engines do not like dead links.

Review your title and meta-description tags:

Search engine spiders just love title tags and meta-description tags. As such these are two areas of each and every webpage that an SEO expert spends a lot of time optimizing. So we recommend, looking at each of your webpages to ensure they have a unique title tag and meta-description tag that is in line with the content of page. Next, make sure they are within the character links of 70 characters for the title tag, and about 150 characters for the meta-description. And of course make sure to include your target keywords. Sound easy enough right? Wrong! These tags are so valuable and the character counts so limited that they are difficult to write. The consultants at Bloom can help craft your message within this small space.

For these and other SEO strategies to kick start or re-boot your SEO, contact Bloom Digital Marketing today.

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