Major shift in TV watching habits amongst Canadians

The last year has accelerated our love of digital, and how we access and consume content. One of the new behaviours here to stay, is streaming digital video on YouTube through our connected TV (CTV) in the living room, rather than simply watching TV on our regular TV channels. Now, with people accustomed to spending more time at home, the TV screen has become another extension of our connected lives.

Google recently published an article about the changing streaming habits of Canadians. Here are 4 key takeaways from the article.

Canadians are watching longer videos on YouTube

In Canada, over 13 million Canadians streamed YouTube on their TV screens in December 2020. That’s about one-third of the country. And Canadians are watching YouTube on their TV and for longer by engaging with long form content and longer viewing sessions.

Canadians are still watching the content they love

As Canadians have settled in at home and created new normals, more people are turning to the types of lifestyle content more traditionally found on Linear TV. Travel, musiccooking, and education YouTube content on TV screens has each grown 45% year-over-year in Canada.

YouTube is driving higher brand results

With Canadians spending more time on YouTube, advertisers are continuing to see positive results. A recent Nielsen meta-analysis that looked at the optimal campaign mix between TV and YouTube showed that weeks with more than 50% of spend on YouTube drove the highest combined ROI. 

Audiences expect an interactive viewing experience

Streaming on TVs isn’t a new trend but it accelerated during the pandemic. There are now more streaming subscribers in Canada than pay TV subscribers, and 50% of Linear TV watchtime has disappeared among Canadians under the age of 55 in the last decade.

Source: Canadians have changed, and so have their streaming habits, published June 2021

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