How to Optimize for Voice Assistants: 4 Voice Search Optimization Tips

How to Optimize for Voice Assistants: 4 Voice Search Optimization Tips

Almost 60% of US consumers have used voice search. How can you use this to your business’s advantage?

Voice search is highly convenient, allowing users to conduct hands-off research. Considering the number of people that use this function, you may be excluding a whole market of consumers without voice search optimization!

However, not all businesses understand how to conquer voice search for their business.

So if you’re a business that wants to optimize for voice search, continue reading to learn more. Below, we’ll cover ____ voice search optimization tips for your business.

What Is Voice Search Optimization?

Voice Search Optimization (Voice SEO) refers to the optimization of keywords and phrases for voice assistant searches. A great voice SEO strategy allows websites to rank higher in voice assistant search results.

1. Determined Target Audience

A business’s target audience is its ideal consumer base. This consumer base is most “ideal” since the consumers are particularly predisposed to engage with the products/services of a business. They’re also more likely to return to the business as loyal consumers.

Determining your target audience can help you tailor the right content for voice search users. This usually means engaging with them on social media, overhauling the brand’s voice, and curating a better overall digital marketing campaign.

2. Tailor to Local Voice Searches

58% of people use voice search for local products/services. Google may also use the users’ location to show relevant businesses local to them. Use this to your advantage by tailoring your content to local voice search results.

When updating your content writing strategy, use geo-targeted keywords. Clarify your locality throughout your website and its pages.

Local consumers are also likelier to return if they enjoy what your business offers. Not only are your business’s products/services great, but it’s conveniently close to them too! Helping consumers recognize this can also establish your business in the community, cementing its longevity.

Most people use the voice search function on their phones. So, it makes sense to optimize your content to be mobile-friendly.

Even if they’re initially interested in your business because of the search results, they’ll exit your website if it’s inaccessible and difficult to navigate. But by making your content mobile-friendly, you can hold users’ attention and convert them to actual consumers for your business.

4. Incorporate FAQ

Many voice searches are phrased more conversationally, so they might be presented as questions. Such questions might include “What’s the weather like today?” or “Where’s the nearest coffee shop?”

Use this format as a touchstone and create an FAQ. When you do, ensure that the answer is succinct and conversational, providing just enough detail for a complete answer.

Voice Search Optimization—Improving Digital Presence

Amp up your business’s digital presence with voice search optimization. Come back here whenever you need a refresher on how to do just that!

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