How Does Remarketing Work in Google Ads?

How Does Remarketing Work in Google Ads?

Did you know that brand awareness is the primary reason 70% of marketers opt for remarketing? Not only that but remarketing can reduce cart abandonment by 6.5%, according to some studies. 

All of this indicates that Google ads and Google remarketing should become an important tool in your marketing toolkit. But what is remarketing? Read on to learn more about what is Google remarketing. 

What Is Google Ads Remarketing? 

Google Ads remarketing is a form of online advertising. Imagine this. A customer comes to your website and places a certain item into their shopping cart. But they get distracted or they get cold feet and they ‘abandon’ the cart, by leaving your website, or switching off their smart device or laptop. 

With Google remarketing, you place a tag or pixel onto your website, which allows Google to remarket your particular item to the customer wherever else they go online. So for example, if they had placed a cat toy into the cart but never purchased it, now whenever they go to other websites, the cat toy will ‘follow’ them around. 

This is great because not only does it build brand awareness, but it reminds your potential customer that they lost out on a deal or that they should go purchase that item right now because it’s something they need or want.

It increases your conversion rate and ROI because customers who are already familiar with your brand are more likely to purchase items from you or complete other actions on your website. Remarketing works well when you sell physical items, but it can also work when you are selling online courses or trying to build your email list. It’s a truly diverse advertising tool.

Remarketing For Google Ads Is Easy to Set up

If you worry about activating remarketing Google Ads on your website, because it seems too complicated, do not fear. Companies like Bloom Digital Marketing located in Vancouver, Canada, are happy to set google ads and remarketing for your corporation or nonprofit

This way you can rest assured that you haven’t made any coding errors and that your potential customers and leads are being reminded of you and your company’s products regularly without any additional work on your part. It’s a cheap and effective way at getting more customers aware of and purchasing your products. 

The great thing about Google remarketing ads is that you can also set up super-targeted remarketing campaigns. For example, you give an offer of 30% off for second purchases to all those who have already purchased once from you. This increases your ROI even further. 

Set Up Your Google Ads Remarketing ASAP

There’s no need to delay any longer. Google Ads do not need to be a scary or complicated prospect for your business. Once you are set up with Google remarketing campaigns, you can start building brand awareness and ROI right away. 

Contact Bloom Digital Marketing to initialize your digital marketing campaigns, all the way from Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, to Shopify ads. We are here to help!

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