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About Our Client


PureWeb is a 3D cloud streaming platform based out of Calgary Alberta. This platform enables organizations to publish digital platforms at scale. With PureWeb you can invite anyone, anywhere into your immersive and interactive 3D experience online. You can stream high-fidelity 3D projects to the cloud while maintaining quality and performance with limitless global distribution, to any device.

The Challenge

While the company had a lot of high quality website and blog content, the website was not optimized for search engines. PureWeb’s platform is next-level marketing and fairly unique. They cater to a variety of industries ranging from automotive, real estate, engineering, architecture, virtual trade shows and events, health care and medical imaging, manufacturing, transportation, as well as product configurators and training simulation for just about every industry. Considering the variety of applications for the 3D streaming platform and the audiences, the challenge was to identify the target keywords for the website. 

The Solution

Bloom Digital Marketing was engaged to provide Search Engine Optimization and SEM solutions

As with any SEO project, we started by doing a thorough technical SEO audit, where we did a deep dive into every element of the website to identify strengths, weakness and provide a host a recommendations for coding, hosting, server and page redirects, page speeds, cms configurations, content optimization, tag optimization, image optimization, internal and external linking, page quality scores, duplicate content, search engine visibility, responsiveness and more. We found and corrected many issues with both the site and blog, starting with the cumbersome task of removing the staging site from organic search results. 

We also conducted keyword research and competitive research to identify a core group of target keywords for the website that would reach the various audiences and effectively promote the different product and service offerings. With the data, we were able to conduct on-page SEO through the site, which had a heavy impact on keyword inclusion in the existing page content and navigation, as well as the development of several new blog posts. 

The Result

Over an eight-month period, PureWeb’s unique monthly users increased by 158% and pageviews increased by 114%.

Our Clients Feedback

Bloom Digital Marketing has been providing diligent, thoughtful, and responsive SEM and SEO management to us for the better part of a year – I can’t recommend them enough. We are a global tech company with a diverse set of target audiences and markets. Carlos and his team have helped us to gain brand visibility, optimize for SEO, and launch successful SEM, PPC, and paid social campaigns. If you’re looking for a marketing agency that will prioritize your needs, go with Bloom.

– Elly Uz, Marketing, PureWeb 3D Cloud Streaming Solutions

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