Case Study:

About Our Client

Living Systems Counselling

Living Systems Counselling is a non-profit organization that provides individual, couple and family counselling for a wide range of relationship and mental health issues in a variety of locations in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Living Systems offers services on a sliding scale to make its services available and affordable for everyone. They also have clinical internships in the Bowen Family Systems Theory and Therapy.

The Challenge

With the rise in mental health issues and the advent of counselling services via telephone and video calls, Living Systems had an increased capacity for appointments and needed to reach a wider audience. Also, Living Systems needed to increase the number of clinical interns to deal with the demand. Since Living Systems is a non-profit, they do not have an advertising budget.

The Solution

The Bloom Digital Marketing team implemented an aggressive search engine optimization and local listings optimization strategy to boost the number of appointments and clinical interns. 

For SEO, we focused on fixing technical issues on the WordPress website related to coding and hosting, as well as on-page optimization, link optimization and  tag optimization to ensure they are optimized for a variety of search queries and locations (i.e. family counselling north vancouver). For the recruitment of clinical interns, our team implemented a keyword inclusion strategy through the site focused on clinical internships, bowen theory etc.

For the local listings, top priority was to fully validate and optimize all seven Google My Business listings with images, posts, short names, description, hours, co-vid message, products and services.

The Result

Growth in appointments and internship enquiries

The number of online appointments and clinical internship enquiries doubled over a three-month period. There was a spike in organic search rankings and organic traffic for ‘bowen theory’, clinical counselling internships’  and other internship related search queries.

Organic search and local results grew in the same period for a variety of search queries including bowen family systems theory, counseling practicum vancouver, lois walker, counselling vancouver, and more (based on year over year results in Google Search Console):

  • 100 percent increase in search impressions
  • 55 percent increase in clicks
  • 2.3 percent CTR 
  • 67 percent increase in direct queries
  • 30 percent increase in indirect queries
  • 47 percent increase in search views
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