AI and How it Impacts Your Search Results

AI and How it Impacts Your Search Results

Experts claim that artificial intelligence can add up to $15 trillion to the global economy by 2030. For corporations and non-profits, adding AI to their search engine optimization is becoming a priority. 

But what is artificial intelligence as it relates to search results? How can AI improve your digital marketing strategy?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about search engine optimization and how it relates to current advancements in AI technology.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence uses data, algorithms, and other factors to learn about a specific group of users. For search engine results, that means learning the behavior of certain search trends to find keywords. 

You leverage AI in SEO by inputting past data generated from your users. This gives the system something to start from. After that, you’ll see the system identify trends and inform users’ behaviors.

But how are artificial intelligence systems affecting search engine results? Let’s break that down in the next section.

How Artificial Intelligence Affects Search Engine Results

You might be under the impression that artificial intelligence and machine learning automatically ranks certain keywords higher for search rankings. This isn’t necessarily the case.

There’s still plenty of manual labor as it relates to SEO ranking. The thing is that AI speeds up the entire process. 

For example, artificial intelligence helps find duplicate content, something that bogs down search engine results. This helps the right results end up higher on the rankings.

AI can also identify the right kind of query that searches represent. This means things like correcting spelling and using semantics to find keywords are done automatically.

Artificial intelligence also identifies user search patterns to customize their search result experience. If someone Googles for the Dodgers, for example, the next time they look up “LA,” Google might suggest team merch. 

Finally, AI helps you identify the value of certain URLs. This allows search engines to show the best possible sites since they’ll be actively searching for non-spam URLs.

Benefits of AI in Digital Marketing and Search Results

So why should you know so much about artificial intelligence for your digital marketing strategy? How does its effect on search results benefit you?

One of the most beneficial aspects of AI, as it relates to SEO, is automation. As URLs and pages are automatically sifted out of high rankings, this provides insight as to what’s going to be seen and what isn’t.

Companies and non-profits can use this to their advantage by knowing how to avoid being relegated to lower rankings in search results. That way, they’re getting organic traffic to their site.

AI also reduces human error when sorting through search engine results. As such, only sites that are using the right keywords will end up high on the rankings.

So long as your digital marketing strategy involves paying attention to these search results, you’re going to experience a higher return on SEO investment. You can forecast your total engagement through this strategy.

Using Artificial Intelligence in 2021

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly prominent, it’s important that you consider how to use it for your digital marketing strategy. Use this guide to inform your future decisions as it relates to SEO and marketing. 

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