Top 10 Tips for Advertising in the Google Display Network

Top 10 Tips for Advertising in the Google Display Network

2021 turned out to be a record year for ad spending, with businesses investing 20% more in paid ads than the previous year.

What does that mean for you? It means ads are working effectively for other businesses. Now is an excellent time to explore using paid ads as part of your marketing strategy. 

A popular option for paid ads is Google Display, which will allow you to feature your brand on websites globally. So we’ve put together this quick guide to our top tips for getting the most from the Google Display Network. 

1. Hire a Copywriter

High-converting ads are persuasive, and that starts with excellent marketing copy. If you have a great writer in-house, get them to try out different ideas for your ad copy. If you don’t, invest in a professional copywriter. 

2. Avoid Stock Photos

There might be some fantastic stock websites nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you should opt for stock photography on an ad. You risk creating a PPC ad that looks like another brand or a competitor.

Instead, invest in original and unique professional photography or custom design graphics. 

3. Review Your Ad Performance

The Google Display Network provides a wealth of data on your ad’s performance. It takes time to understand and interpret this, but doing so is an essential step in helping to optimize your ads.

That is something our experts can help you accomplish at Bloom Digital Marketing, so get in touch for a chat. 

4. Target Carefully

With display ads, you’ll have the opportunity to choose keywords for your niche, which means your ads will appear on sites matching those keywords.

The more granular you are with this targeting, the better your ad will perform. For example, if you sell pregnancy pillows, target narrow keywords such as sleep problems during pregnancy rather than a broad keyword like pregnancy. 

5. Research Your Customer

You’ll only succeed in targeting the right customer in your ads if you know who your customer is in the first place. So before running an ad, do some research on your customer demographic, interests, and behaviors. 

6. Think About Mobile

More people are now browsing websites via mobile. If you want your display ads to get noticed, make sure you take the time to design your creatives, so they look great on a mobile screen. 

7. Match Your Design to Your Ad Placement

When choosing ad placement on a page, consider what type of ad style will work well.

For example, suppose you place your ad in the right-hand column. In that case, you could present that ad as a recommended article so that the content appears naturally on a page. 

8. Improve Your Sales Funnel

Don’t forget that ad performance doesn’t end when visitors click on your link. You must maintain their interest when they head to your landing page or offer, so optimize every step of your sales funnel process. 

9. Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords will stop your Google ads from appearing on irrelevant sites. If you sell dog beds, you’ll probably target pet websites, but you might want to add the word “cat” or “rabbit” as a negative keyword. 

10. Deliver Separate Mobile and Desktop Ads

The best way to ensure your mobile ad is fully optimized is to create separate display ads for mobile and desktop.

That’s quickly done in the Display Network platform and will allow you to create different creatives for each ad. 

Ready to Get Started With the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network has vast potential for your brand, providing you know how to create the best ads and target the right people.

We are here to help you do that. Why not contact our digital marketing agency in Vancouver today for a no-obligation chat about how we can support your business goals? 

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